Masculine, Feminine, Survival and Surrender in Love.

Today I would like to talk about consciousness and how I feel about this, here on Earth we accepted duality consciousness. In that way we made a separation of consciousness, for example masculine and feminine, light and dark, left or right, good or bad, man and woman, and the list goes on. And today I want to talk specifically about the masculine and feminine.

And lets just face it, there’s a lot of distortion in both of them. And as long as they are going to blame the other for things that happened.. we will have a long way to go.

So that’s why I feel not calling them masculine and feminine anymore but rather surviving/controlling and  acceptance/surrender.. And every has both in them.

And that is one of the major patterns in duality at some level we will do anything in order to survive… and this can be very unconscious, and can be on every level, physical, emotional, mental and or energy wise. And we have so many automated response reactions. But it all comes back to are you owning yourself? Are you taking responsibility for your reality?

As you may know we create our own reality, the tricky part is that it is consciously but unconsciously as well! And it’s quite hard to take responsibility for the things you are not aware of. Personally I don’t believe in coincidences, and I’ll always try to feel and find out why something happens or why I am getting triggered by it, because that’s where the lesson is.

So often we see things in the outside world that hurts us and often we will try to fix them in the outside world as well. But they can only be fixed if we fix/heal/transform it in ourselves first! Whatever or whoever is stressing you out, obviously there’s something inside of you that needs some attention! Help yourself and you will help the world!

In the end it all comes back to separation, duality consciousness and unity acceptance consciousness. So it all comes back to consciousness because in the end and in the beginning everything is One consciousness, Unity consciousness and from that we made all the separations to learn and play and to meet all these different aspects of ourselves in each other! Without even knowing that You are another Me!

There are so many things we sacrificed in order to have this dualistic experience. And to begin with we totally forgot who we really are and we became only a small fragment of the beautiful magical crystal that we really are. But it’s time now, time to get home back in unity consciousness, not to go somewhere or to leave this place But to get back home in ourselves.

Robert Heiwegen.