Don’t kill the Messenger.

But often we do kill the messenger… Or at least we blame them…

This is my view on this:

In life we often come across things that we in first instant do not like. Because it’s a natural reaction, which helps us to stay save and in the comfort zone. Because who want to be hurt?

But we have forgotten who we are and we are just starting to remember, and that comes at a price. The price of getting rid of all the survival patterns that we ourselves set into place, all this programming that we accepted out of free will to step into duality and learn as much as possible and often whatever the cost… As long as we stay alive and we learn the soul is happy right?! And that’s what we think.. Because even our thinking and the way we operate and the way we feel and coop with emotions.. everything is in one way or another limited by this unbelievable master plan, that’s called duality..

Soon I will write something more about that, but now back to: Don’t kill the messenger!

I feel one of the best examples is the ”negative” entity that’s bothering you, or who is controlling you. We feel controlled by it, we feel down or depressed from it. The most common thing people usually do is sent them to the light! But in fact this entity is only a messenger! A messenger that comes to you to help you become who you really are! (This is a way of cooping with entities that I pass on in my course ”How to coop with Entities ToS” ) If you are interested in that send me a message. So back to this beautiful entity, I feel an entity is nothing less then a separated energy that really wants to get back to its Source. So if you are being bothered by an entity you could try to see it not as why is this energy bothering me?! But see it Why is this energy here and what can it help me with? An entity comes to show you where there is a hole in your energy field and it will fill it up, and the longer it takes the more it will come to the surface to help you! So what happens when you just send them to the Light? Literally you are killing the messenger that you yourself attracted to help you, to fill this hole in your energy and by doing that you are only getting rid of the symptoms and not the cause why you attracted the entity. So for me an entity is a separated part of yourself that you don’t recognise anymore. And because you don’t recognise it you will be in the illusion that it is a negative entity.

And in fact for me its not about negative energies or bad or good, because everything is just as it is, its neutral, It’s the way we perceive them and that’s affected by our own range of view.

And of course our thought about what we see and perceive. We can always judge or take a stand like something is good or bad for me or it isn’t the right time or whatever excuse you need to make, and you know that’s okay as well to make excuses. So why do I write this text?

Because I’ve been killing and blaming the messenger as well… And by this I want to thank all these beautiful messengers in whatever form they came, for the messages they send to me. Even though maybe at that moment I couldn’t receive them.. I’m sorry for not seeing you for who you are. Please forgive me for not being open in receiving the message that you came to send me, I thank you for always sending me messages to help me become more of who I really am and less of who I thought I was. And I Love you for you are a part of me that once I choose to separate from but now I can see that you are a part of me and I welcome you back!

Robert Heiwegen